Build 2030. Imagine the Future of British Columbia.

Build 2030 is a non-profit organization that engages British Columbia’s next generation of leaders with public affairs.

What will British Columbia look like in 2030? Economic competitiveness. Tax policy. Health care. Education. Transportation. Labour market issues. The environment.  Decisions made today will shape the future in which we all live, yet our generation remains relatively disengaged from public affairs.

Build 2030 is a newly-minted organization that aims to create a constructive, future-looking, and solution-oriented venue for  British Columbians under 40 to influence the future of their province – today.

British Columbia’s politics are in a unique and fast-moving period of transition. Public opinion is volatile, and both major political parties are undergoing leadership transitions. A new BC Liberal leader will be chosen in February 2011. They will become Premier.

The leadership selection provides a valuable opportunity for the next generation of leaders to connect with and influence the leaders of our province.  Build 2030 aims to capitalize on that opportunity, and build an ongoing model for engagement.

If you haven’t already, please sign up on our welcome page.

*If you wish to participate in the selection of the next BC Liberal leader, who will become the next premier, you must be a member of the BC Liberal Party by February 4t 2011. You can do so at www.bcliberals.com/membership.